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We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and projects. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call or stop by for more information on products, current prices and custom orders. This is not a complete list of all products offered just most commonly used. We can also take concrete/asphalt construction debris to recycle.

Base Course

1" rock with great binder material, Great for steep hills where material has a hard time staying, Also good for engineered backfill has a great compaction rating.

3/4" to 1"

3/4" rock with crusher fines. Great material for parking areas, level driveways, walkways.

Crusher Fines

1/2", 3/8", or 5/8" size crushed rock. Mostly used for walkways, paths, or parking areas. Concrete can also be made with these materials it is recommended to add a little sand to the mixture

3" minus

3" rock with dirt binder. makes a great bottom to the start of a road or an engineered fill. will compact very well usually topped with base course or a finish layer

1 1/2" Clean Rock

1 1/2" clean rock. Contains nothing smaller than 1" used for sceptic systems, landscaping, or in some cases parking areas

3" Rock

3" clean rock contains nothing under 1 1/2". Also makes a great start to a road lets water drain through best topped with base course or a finish layer

Rip Rap

Many different sizes can be produced all depends on customers use. Best use is for reataining or erosion control. Gabion baskets are another common use.

Pit Run

A variety of different sizes most rocks over 2ft removed unless necessary. Good for filling in low areas or building a pad up to height before commonly placed base course or 3" minus material to finish.


Large boulders usually ranging from 12" up to 3 or more feet. commonly used for retaining walls or landscaping, larger boulders can only be set with equipment.


We offer a variety of culverts from 12" all the way up to 5ft, Culverts come in concrete and metal

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